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Repair vs. Replacement

Why Repair a Board?

As the country starts to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, the Repair vs. Replacement argument is more relevant than ever before. Here’s why repair should be the first solution to explore if your machinery has broken down.

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PCB And Electro-Mechanical Repair Specialists in Dunstable and United Kingdom

Save Money

Whatever industry your business is in, you want to maximise savings and reduce costs. Often there is no need to completely replace an expensive faulty component part – i.e. a main board, when it can be quickly and easily repaired. Often, this simple repair of the faulty component will resolve the fault returning the equipment to full working order. In many cases the repair of the faulty item – be it a faulty PCB or PSU unit will work out at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a replacement unit.

Obsolescence Issues

Advancements in technology mean that some faulty components can often be deemed obsolete and impossible to acquire. If this is the case, the solution doesn’t have to be a completely new unit. Amplae regularly repair PCBs and other electrical components where replacements are no longer available, in the process restoring the equipment to full working order. This extends the useful life of the repaired item at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience or replacing it.


Software Issues

With some equipment, it isn’t just a case of swapping or replacing the faulty component with the latest replacement version. Software is constantly being updated and we sometimes find that new replacement units containing the latest software revisions are not always backwards compatible and do not work with the host unit. In this instance repair of the faulty unit is the only cost effective solution.

Supply Issues

Whilst in most instance it makes good economic sense to repair rather than just replace a faulty item or board there is also the issue of availability. Many items have to be imported from abroad which can lead to long delays in the supply chain. In some instances, issues are experienced with incompatible or incorrect boards being received. In such a case, repair is the most viable option.


From the initial fault diagnosis through to rectification and testing,

Amplae work to the highest standards, to provide you with an outstanding repair service.




Environmental Concerns



Regularly replacing machinery and faulty components is not only expensive but will increase your carbon footprint. Repairing and extending the life of your machinery saves you money but also helps protect the environment.


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