Reduce Costs and Extend the Life of Your Equipment

If you have a broken or faulty piece of equipment, replacement is not always the answer. Repairing the broken unit will often be quicker and cheaper. At Amplae we help companies extend and preserve the life of their machinery and equipment with our repair, refurbishment and maintenance services.

We are an electro-mechanical repair company in the UK specialising in the repair of component items such as PSU’s, PCB’s and Control Units. We have a highly skilled team of technicians each with an average of 30 years experience in fault finding, electrical repair and testing.

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What Can We Repair?

Voltage Regulators | Control Panels  |  Remote Control Joystick (JCBs)  | Intercom Units  | Frequency Invertors |  Commercial Battery Chargers  | Variable Frequency Drives



These parts and units are typically found in:

Amplae work with a range of companies from those in the automotive, maintenance and construction industries.
We repair all variety of faulty electrical components typically found in products such as air conditioning units, photocopiers and commercial washing machines, just to name a few.


And much, much more – if you cannot see what you are looking for, please Ask Amplae to see how we can assist






If you need assistance and are looking for a reliable company for PCB repairs and PSU repairs or any other
electrical component related repair, please get in touch with us at Amplae.  

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Fast Turnarounds

For the vast majority of items, we offer a 5 day turnaround which includes fault diagnosis, repair and testing. Some items may take longer to source parts, but we will inform you of this after completing the initial assessment. We understand the importance of communication throughout the project, we even have an online portal where you can track the progress of the repair.

Same Day Service

If you need items repaired very urgently, we offer a same day inspection, assessment and repair service. Please note, this is contingent on our workload and subject to sourcing the necessary parts on the same day.

This is a premium service and will be subject to POA.



90 Day Warranty

All fault rectified items are rigorously bench tested before being released including the use of dedicated test facilities where applicable.

Our exhaustive testing means we can offer a 90 day warranty on all items that we repair.

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Subsidiary Services

PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Or Configuration

At Amplae, we are experienced in delivering these type of bespoke projects from single through to multi thousand unit requirements.

For example, you may have sold your Customer an item of equipment like a multifunctional printer. To ensure a smooth and trouble-free install, some form of set up and configuration may be required before the item is delivered to your Customer.

In this example - the PDI could range from a simple set up and test print – through to network configuration and even software updates.

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Regular servicing and refurbishment from us will extend the life of your machinery and enable us to fix issues before they turn into major problems, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Repair vs Replacement

Our cost-effective repair service frequently saves our customers hundreds – if not thousands of pounds, by repairing as opposed to replacing expensive PCB’s and related electrical items.





 Although we are a recently formed company, all of our technicians have significant experience in repairs, often numbering in the decades. We believe it is not what we do that is important, but how we solve your problems. This is why we offer a range of solutions such as refurbishments and same day repairs. We want your operations to function properly, and we will help you achieve that with our fast, effective and reliable service.


If you are looking for PSU repairs, PCB repairs and Electro Mechanical repairs in the UK, Ask Amplae to arrange an assessment.

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